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My specialty now – to correct the wrong technique, and explain how to actually builds strength training. Saving both money people – many decide to abandon the non-professional trainers.
In addition, the network dug a whole “gang” fitonyashek that sells the same programs and diets to all those who “bought” on staged photos and medals in competitions. Bikinistki tear each other’s throats, and their producers, rushing to the carve-up of client money received in remote schools.
Here, I’ll tell you what the coach should pay the money, and for that – it is not necessary.
A typical example would not have to pay money – Jen Selter, she jumps at the above pictures. New York glamor girl, whose legs moved weakly loads (one flat of eggs are worth, and the lack of normal weights in the photo), and implants inserted in the ass. They, probably, and gave her the right to show the ridiculous exercises and postures. It – clowning and not health and fitness. Much of what she was doing – and stupidly dangerous for client joints.

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How to determine that the girl uses steroids and added implants in the ass
First indicator surgery – any unnaturally developed “trunks” at the back of modest amounts remaining muscle groups. Women bodybuilders all great, not only the gluteus. If there are results of real work, they can be seen all over the body.
Second, pronounced vascularity on the hands and abdomen, hard and clear “cubes”. This may be a youth, of course, but can also be a growth hormone, and Winstrol, and Clenbuterol or Ephedrine plus diuretics. Such a photo shoot once after the competition and fast in the social network the whole year. Because everything else-Competition time “bikinyashi” often look like “Girl with a paddle.”
Third. Rapid progress, especially in ectomorphs. If between “before” and “after” – 3 months, then it is a fake result. Work on the quality of the body – it is for years.

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